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Telluride Real Estate

The Scenic Drive to Telluride

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Telluride, Colorado is not only one of the Most Scenic Places in the United States, it also Commands some of the Highest Rents

Telluride Panoramic View 1
Mountain Village in Telluride, Colorado

Have You Considering Owning Telluride Real Estate?

Telluride Vacation Rentals can bring in some of the highest revenue of anywhere in the United States. If you are not yet familiar with this amazing mountain town, please visit

Telluride Gondola View
The Amazing Summer Views from the Free Gondola in Telluride!

Full Service Property Managers and Real Estate Agents are Ready to Serve You and Your Telluride Real Estate

Telluride has the resources available to fully manage your Vacation Rental Property.

Telluride Snowboarding
The Highest Rents in Telluride occur in the Ski and Snowboarding Season where a World Class Town Meets World Class Winter Sports.
The Gentle Sounds of a River Flowing in Telluride, Colorado in the Early Simmer.

Ready to See what Loan Amount You May be Approved for on for a Telluride Vacation Rental Property?

Please Fill Out The Application Below and we will get to work on getting you approved for a Loan to Purchase a Vacation Rental property in Telluride, Colorado:

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Residential Investment Loan Brokerage is provided by GFG Independent Mortgage, LLC in U.S. States where it has the legal capacity to do so. Loan applications can only be taken for business purposes on investment properties. The applicant must affirm that the property will not be owner-occupied at any time. At this time GFG Independent Mortgage, LLC is not accepting applications forĀ  properties located in AZ, NV, NY, OR, UT and any other states where prohibited. Our primary state of business is CO.

Panoramic Telluride
Panoramic Telluride

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