Lifetime Income

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Lifetime Income

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Source: The Alliance for Lifetime Income

Making the Many Benefits of Annuities Easier to Understand

THE ALLIANCE FOR LIFETIME INCOME is a non-profit organization committed to educating consumers about the value and importance of protected lifetime income through annuities. Part of our commitment includes making the language of annuities simpler and more transparent.

The Alliance for Lifetime Income

The Alliance for Lifecome Income. sponsored by many prominent life insurance and annuity companies is committed to helping consumers understand the many benefits of annuities, including the stream of lifetime income they can provide.

Like many investment products, annuities continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s retirees, providing options that can let you leave a legacy to your family, or allow you to make withdrawals as needed. There are even options that allow you to participate in a portion of the potential growth in the stock market without risk of losing your principal, which can be valuable in today’s high-volatility market environment. Talk to your financial professional about what options might work for you.

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Retirment Planning with Gibson Financial

Learn more about Retirement Planning with The Gibson Financial Group. As an independent provider of annuity products we can work with you to find a suitable annuity.

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