Life Insurance Based Financial Planning

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Life Insurance Based Financial Planning


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Life Insurance is an incredibly important, and often misunderstood financial tool. Life Insurance can be very effective in many areas of Financial Planning when used correctly.

Here are some of the key components of a financial plan where life insurance can play a role:


You have worked hard to accumulate assets over the years to live comfortably in retirement and to plan for the futures of those close to you. It is important to plan now for transferring this wealth without needlessly losing to taxes and other transfer costs. With so many variables to consider, the Gibson Financial Group can help you navigate through the complexity to find the solutions that may be a fit for you and yours.


People give to charities for many different reasons: generosity, religious belief, gratitude, or hope for a better future. Charitable giving may be a significant element in your financial and estate plans. The Gibson Financial Group can help you maximize the value of your charitable giving, both for the benefactor and your own finances and estate.


Retirement is something we anticipate our entire working career but requires more planning than many realize. With variables like longevity, inflation, healthcare costs, and market volatility to consider, it can take the guidance of a financial professional to have a secure strategy in place. The Gibson Financial Group can help you evaluate your circumstances take the steps needed to have a secure future.


Your needs as a business owner can be complex. The Gibson Financial Group can help you confidently and effectively meet the challenge. Whether it is setting up a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP), an Executive Bonus Arrangement (EBA), a Split Dollar Plan, or putting a Buy-Sell agreement or key-person coverage in place, we’ve got you covered with the resources you need.

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