Financial Intelligence Coaching

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Introducing the Gibson Financial Group 6 Week “Financial Intelligence” Coaching Package!

Financial Intelligence Coaching

In this 6-Week Coaching Program You Will Gain Financial Knowledge and Confidence.

The Entrepreneurial Guide to Gaining Complete & Total Financial Control

  1. Week 1

    The First Steps to Financial Success

  2. Week 2

    Personal Financial Awareness

  3. Week 3

    Business Financial Awareness

  4. Week 4

    Using Technology to Enhance Your Finances

  5. Week 5

    Understanding Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  6. Week 6

    Financial Intelligence Maintenance

  7. Further Reading and Bonus Materials

Financial Intelligence Program Overview

The Financial Intelligence 6-Week Program is designed to be completed in full, over 42 days.

Even though the program is 6 weeks, you should be getting a clear hold over your financials within 21 days or less. 

Each week you should start by going through that weeks’ content, taking action, and completing the weekly action items and attending all scheduled calls. 

This program is designed to teach you a new way of analyzing your numbers. 

Throughout each module, we will dive deep into exploring your current and desired financial situations and put you on the path to unlocking this future–fast.