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Self Directed IRA

Investing Using a Self-Directed IRA

Videos Source: Author: DeWitt C. Gibson, IV, CLU I have been a client of Pensco Trust Company myself for several years now. Using a Self Directed IRA to invest in alternative assets has opened my mind and my retirement account to many new ways to diversify and earn returns outside of traditional mutual fund…
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Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

BUSINESS OWNER AND EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION Retirement Planning can be Difficult for Business Owners Business owners and their highly compensated key employees have two unique problems in funding their own retirement. The Federal rules governing tax-favored qualified plans limit the amounts that can be deferred or contributed into these plans by, or on behalf of, highly…
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Wealth Definition

Wealth Consciousness

What Does “Wealth” Mean to You? Most people associate the term wealth with money. While money is certainly a component of wealth, it is more than just money. Wealth is about abundance and prosperity in all its forms. Money is a powerful tool that can be used in the creation of abundance and prosperity, but…
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Life Insurance Based Financial Planning

Life Insurance is an incredibly important, and often misunderstood financial tool. Life Insurance can be very effective in many areas of Financial Planning when used correctly.